About Us

Formed in 1988, the Cubdale group prides itself on its construction, building and consultancy. With the ability to deliver end to end projects, we pride ourselves on our building, construction and consulting excellence in two key industry sectors:

Construction: Commercial, Multi-residential, Multi-family, Health-Care and Environmental Industrial.
Resources: Property Investment, Sales & Marketing, Retail, Property Management and Project Management.

 We offer our clients a range of services, including:

commercial suites/offices
multi-residential developments
project management
property investment
property management
sales and marketing.

Approaching projects with creativity is what makes us stand out from the crowd, and the consistent peer-recognition through receiving construction and environmental accolades is testament to that. Our people represent the best and brightest in their fields. We’re proud of the passion and success of our team in striving to be the industry leaders, and it shows in our results.

We come up with smart ways to solve construction problems. We’re inherently inquisitive and we rate ourselves on our ability to innovate; and our clients place a high value on it. It also means we work on more challenging projects that not only require a creative construction and engineering approach, but the need to be inventive logistically in terms of architecture, design, construction, equipment and project management.

Our fundamental philosophy of finding creative solutions to building and construction challenges for clients has never changed, with ongoing relationships with our clients being one of our key strategies. We have a track record of building long-term relationships with both national clients, which is testament to our innovative and client-focused capability.

The main operational focus of Cubdale Projects is to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements through innovation and teamwork and to promote industry excellence in the management of safety, quality, environment and customer relations in every project we undertake.

Our process driven strategy means that we are able to minimise risk from sites quickly and efficiently. Even through a changing market we continue to grow

 Our Values

As a major, construction, building and consultancy company, we pride ourselves on running by a set of core values.

Safety – Everybody goes home without harm at the end of the day
Sustainability – We act today with the future in mind
Relationships – Committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships
People – We equip, inspire and empower our people to be their best
Creative–  Creating solutions to meet our customers’ needs
Fair Return – Reward for all commensurate with the value delivered
Integrity – Honesty, respect and equitable treatment for all, without compromise